About me

I am a snack-motivated, caffeine(/beer) driven passionate computational scientist with excellent communication skills demonstrated by scientific publications. Interested in multi-disciplinary research in computing and collaborating with cross-functional research teams.

I hail from a beautiful town in India called Nashik, known as the city of grapes and home to some of the best wines. Think Napa Valley of India!

Meet Sir Nick Furry

He is a sweet 11 yr old good boi I adopted in summer 2020. 

We are a team!

Although my track is Ph.D. in CS, my research is focused on interdisciplinary applications in computational mathematics and scientific computing. It is all connected!

My advisors are Dr. Mike Kirby and Dr. Akil Narayan. Check out their work. It's pretty cool!

I have many hobbies but also the attention span of a 2-year-old. So, I do a lot of a lot of things until I do none of them anymore.


A dynamic, non-comprehensive list of my activities and hobbies include

  • stand-up and improv comedy,

  • creative writing,

  • biking,

  • running,

  • painting,

  • reading about and looking at pictures of the human brain,

  • modern and k-pop dancing,

  • beads art,

  • volunteering at local animal shelters/aviary,

  • crocheting,

  • pokemoning on the go,

  • acquiring and keeping plants alive, and

  • learning scientific names of all the plants I see (and then forget them all).


As a "final" year Ph.D. student [Update: No more student, certified Dr. Vidhi :) here] at the School of Computing, the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, 

I work at the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute.


Looking for full-time positions to join after defending my thesis in Fall 2021. [Update: I accepted a position of SDE with Intel :) ]