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Braving the Wilderness

Brené Brown's best and one of the only books that I can accept whole-heartedly ! Yes, I am a "Daring Greatly" hater. We are a rare species.

In Braving the Wilderness, Dr Brown speaks to me personally. The quest for belonging, the journey for acceptance and the sense of losing and finding yourself is perfectly described in this 200~ish page self-help and recovery book. Although Dr Brown specializes in shame research, for once her work is not entirely focussed on that. If she would read this, I bet she will say "Oh but you are ashamed of talking about your shame and that is why you say so." Um... no.

I will not rant about my many many problems with one of her most celebrated works "Daring Greatly" here. But instead use this space to appreciate how much I enjoyed reading "Braving the Wilderness". I remember feeling like this book is written for the lost soul. For someone who is looking for her role in this world ~ the community, family, country, school, class, organization, board-game club, basically anywhere. Anyone can read this book and feel like they are having a personal session with Dr Brown herself. Which is a great thing if you consider how famous and expensive of a therapist she is !

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