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Gifts of Imperfection

Dr Brené Brown's yet another self-help or as she puts it, a grass-root movement for self-discovery book recommended to me that I finished today. While I did this as a part of assigned reading, I must say I found it relatable and somewhat applicable, nothing like Daring Greatly!

In this "dig-deep guideposts" oriented book Dr Brown inspires deliberate self-love, awareness and practicing kindness on your own soul. The best part of the book is that while it arrives at all those tools using anecdotes that may not be relatable at all for someone like me, seemingly family-oriented, white people / first-world problems, it still gives something to help one work on themselves if you move past them and stick to it. As with most of the books of this nature, having an open-mind and willingness to get something useful out of the time and effort of reading through the book, is non-negotiable.

My personal favorite part of this book is how it helped me to understand that it is okay if people think I am uncool. I don't have to be cool all the time. It helped me with the anxiety borne out of unrealistic expectations set by yourself on your own tiny soul. Sometimes, we don't even know what will lead to a certain kind of judgement by others and this book talks about not caring too much about things we cannot control. While not directly, this is what I derived out of the 10 whole-hearted living (I know how it sounds all wishy-washy) chapters.

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