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I've been painting...

For 27 years I believed that I am not artistic. I mean, I can do crafts like crocheting and beads. But when it came to colors and paint-brush, my lack of ability to draw always held me back from trying.


One day I signed up for a paint nite. You know one of those things where non-single people go to make perpetually single people like me want to get drunk and rage on canvas? Yeah, I am brave like that. So I found myself sitting alone in my PJs between prom-nite-like dressed couples being all cute and lovely on their dates.

As soon as we started painting, I forgot all about it though. It was like, trying to find that missing favorite sock from your pair for days and finally finding it under your couch! Why didn't I try painting sooner? Coz I am a fucking natural at it! I have tried so many forms of meditations to get out of my head and stop myself from spiraling and obsessing. Nothing worked as good as painting.

It was easy to get addicted and keep painting more. I got to a point where I started feeling so confident about my paintings that for the first time in my life I did not have imposter syndrome about my genius. Yes, I tell anyone who listens -- I am a fucking genius painter :) I know at this point it is all talk and nothing to back it up. So, here goes some of my work professionally photographed by a friend who graciously agreed to make my painting portfolio. Cheers!

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