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K-pop dance competition... Pandora

After a couple of weeks of throwing shapes, I was able to catch up with my amazing dance partners. They were patient and kind to lil old me (no, seriously I'm about 12+ years over them).

We named our group Pandora and entered the competition. There was the much predictable girl-group drama of disagreeing on clothes. It felt welcoming and quite a change to go back to teenage days! Guess who won first place?

As winners of the competition, we were given the University of Utah Letterman jackets. To be honest, when my friends were raving about it, I was like -- what is the big deal about this jacket. You can tell I did not do my undergrad in the US of A and therefore I'm quite unaware of the school-pride merchandise and how rare and prestigious the Letterman jackets are. I did a thorough reading on the history of Letterman jackets and I am proud to have won the right to wear one representing the University of Utah. Next step, dance in your brand new Letterman jackets!!! :)

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